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Toll information for Italy

A toll is charged on all trucks using the 6,600 km of motorways (autostrade) in Italy. Expressways (strada extraurbana principale or “superstrada”), on the other hand, are free of toll.

General information



Valid for vehiclesDirectionsBilling
Freeways, parking lots, Area C, Caronte ferryTelepass
Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnelsDKV Card
> 3,5 t Freeways, Parking, Area C, Caronte FerryTelepass
> 3,5 t Ferry Sicily (Reggio Calabria - Messina) DKV Card
> 3,5 t Frejus and Mont Blanc TunnelDKV Card, Subscription Card (Frejus Card)

Use our map of the Italian motorway network to quickly and easily identify the entries and exits.

Google Maps

Guideline for trucks

Truck on the road

Toll settlement in Italy is now so easy with the DKV BOX ITALIA On the motorways subject to toll, you need only the DKV BOX ITALIA. This brings the following advantages:

  • Cost-effective alternative, suitable for vehicles > 3.5 t
  • Toll transactions transferred daily
  • Settlement of toll charges on Italian motorways
  • All toll transactions clearly set out in a single DKV Mobility invoice
  • Passages and invoices displayed in DKV Analytics
  • Transparent customer invoicing for all countries
  • Toll refund for CONSORZIO DKV Mobility customers
  • Professional, committed and regionally based customer service

Order the DKV BOX ITALIA now.

Moreover, with the DKV BOX EUROPE, you can drive flexibly across Europe and have the toll in Italy likewise collected automatically.

Tunnels & Bridges


Tunnel tolls for the following tunnels can be settled using the DKV CARD.


Easy Payment with DKV

Invoicing via DKV BOX ITALIA

  • On-board unit (OBU) exclusively for the collection and invoicing of Italian motorway toll charges.

Benefit from the advantages of CONSORZIO DKV and save

Become a member of CONSORZIO DKV and gain from attractive annual rebates of the toll in Italy. From the first transaction, members receive the highest possible rebate based on the total kilometres driven by all CONSORZIO DKV members.

Become a CONSORZIO member


Telepass can be used on Italian motorways for vehicles over and under 3.5 t, on ferries across the Straits of Messina, for the congestion charge in Milan (“Area C”) and for selected parking facilities.

The toll charge is automatically recorded through the OBU at the toll booths and invoiced later.

Payment via Telepass

Of course, you also have the option of settling toll fees charged by the operator Telepass via the on-board unit.When ordering, please fill in the following forms:

Ordering Telepass (EN) (PDF)

Ordering Telepass (VTNL) (PDF)

Ordering Telepass (DA) (PDF)

Ordering Telepass (SE) (PDF)

In case of blocking, return or change of license plate, please use the following form:

Service sheet for Telepass (PDF)

Benefits for DKV Mobility customers

  • You can simply and straightforwardly switch to our DKV BOX EUROPE
  • Clear liquidity advantages from a longer payment period when you invoice through DKV Mobility
  • DKV Analytics provides all the relevant DKV Mobility IDs, clearly set out reports and customised analyses for all transactions
  • VAT refund for net-invoicing customers


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