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Electromobility is an integral part of the energy mix of the future. It will make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of transport. 40% of all cars are due to be hybrid or electric vehicles by 2030. Electromobility is an important milestone on the way to achieving climate-friendly transportation that is kind to the environment and the world around us.

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  • Charge conveniently at work, at home or on the route
  • Low operating costs
  • Full-service package: from installation to transparent invoicing
  • Extensive charging network

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The whole world is talking about electromobility. Including us. After all, our aim is to drive forward electromobility.

And electromobility will drive our future. The combustion engine, a huge source of CO² emissions, could therefore very soon be a thing of the past. However, operators have a host of other reasons to upgrade their fleets by introducing e-mobility. The feel-good factor, not least from the experience of convenient, intelligent and emission-free driving.

Green light for electric company vehicles: five reasons why companies should electrify their fleets:

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1. Set an example

A good reputation is priceless and cannot be bought. Yet it can be made easy to earn: companies that set a good example for employees, customers and the whole of society in the context of e-mobility enhance their image, from which they continue to profit – in personnel recruitment, in talks with customers or with potential investors.

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2. Meet CO² targets

What does your company’s CSR report say on this topic? A reasonable question because ecological footprints are becoming increasingly important for companies. Many demonstrate a strong commitment to achieving CO²-neutrality – either because it is expected of them or they acknowledge responsibility for their own actions. Whatever the motivation: a fleet of electric vehicles is an important step towards achieving CO² targets.


3. Contribute to protecting the climate and environment

Electric cars conserve resources better than petrol or diesel vehicles. The reason for this is their high efficiency: 60–70% from charging the battery to propulsion through the wheels. Companies that convert to an electric fleet are therefore more efficient on the road and are acting in the interests of future generations by making a valuable contribution to preserving nature’s foundations for life.

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5. Reliability and convenience for your fleet

DKV customers can already use around 564,000 public charging points operated by our partners. At home or at work, we provide company car drivers with support tailored to their needs. Our @work package provides charging infrastructure designed to suit your requirements at your premises. Vehicles are charged with up to 22 kW of power at the charging post or wall box before they are due to make their next trip.

Keep up with what’s happening at DKV and find out more about e-mobility on the following channels: Facebook or LinkedIn .

Any questions? We’re delighted to answer them.

PreCheck: It checks what is necessary for the installation: Is it a standard installation or will it be more complex. The PreCheck ensures that the wallbox can be installed and operated.

Standard installation: The standard installation package includes: Arrival and departure of the installer, 15 m of cable, 2 wall breakthroughs, RCD, circuit breaker, professional installation according to local regulations and technical specifications, electrical connection of the charging unit to the power grid at the installation site, electrical and technical function test, introduction to basic operation, connection to the backend, creation of the commissioning and data log.

Hardware: Charging with up to 11 kW (depending on the electrical installation of the house), MID-compliant smart meter, integrated protection technology

Online management: Use of the DKV online portal, Smart Analytics: Costs

A consolidated view of all your fuel and energy costs, Smart Analytics: Plug-in Monitor

Ensure efficient use of your plug-in hybrids, Home Power Reimbursement.

Overview of the amounts your company car drivers charge with their individual house electricity rates

Service Level: Maintenance over the entire contract period, liability by DKV for faults resulting from hardware or installation

Optional: Reimbursement by DKV for the monthly amounts of electricity charged to your company car by your company car drivers, offsetting of individual electricity prices against the amount of energy charged, transparent presentation on the DKV invoice as usual.

Maintenance: Additional and logged protection, arrival and departure of the mechanic, detailed inspection (approx. 30 minutes per charging point), error analysis and troubleshooting, repeat inspection according to DIN VDE 070 2 incl. test seal, documentation in a digital file.

Hardware: Charge with up to 22 kW as charging pole or wallbox (depending on electrical installation of the house), MID-compliant smart meter, integrated protection technology, Made in Germany.

Online Management:

Use of the DKV online portal

  • Smart Analytics - Costs: A consolidated view of all your fuel and energy costs
  • Smart Analytics - Plug-in Monitor: Ensure efficient use of your plug-in hybrids
  • Home Electricity Reimbursement: Overview of company car drivers' amounts with their respective individual home electricity prices

Service Level: Maintenance over the entire contract period, liability by DKV for faults resulting from hardware or installation

Optional maintenance: Additional and logged coverage, arrival and departure of the installer,error analysis and troubleshooting, repeat test according to DIN VDE 070 2 incl. test seal, documentation in a digital file

The DKV electromobility model offers numerous benefits. The most important ones at a glance:

  1. you have one partner for fuel, electricity and services
  2. low monthly amounts instead of high investments
  3. the DKV responsibility goes far beyond the usual warranty
  4. one invoice for everything
  5. made in Germany

The DKV Wallbox can be installed in protected indoor areas as well as in unprotected outdoor areas exposed to rain and direct sunlight. The protection class is IP 55. At ambient temperatures between -30°C to +50°C, the wallbox operates at full load without any loss of performance (without direct sunlight). The wallbox has an overheating protection, which however leads to a reduction of the output power at higher temperatures.

Since DKV provides the charging infrastructure to the company for a monthly fee, DKV remains the owner of the charging infrastructure. Thus, DKV assumes liability for errors/damage resulting from the hardware or installation.

All DKV Card +Charge transactions and the monthly fees can be viewed in the DKV online portal. The portal offers numerous functions for the regular control of the charging infrastructure, but also for monitoring the tank or electricity charging behavior

We give you our promise: You drive, we care. You also have your usual contacts for questions about electromobility.

Are you a new customer? Then please call 0049800 358 358 3.

With @road you are up to date: Simply download the DKV Mobility app and navigate to the public charging points with DKV acceptance. With the DKV Card +Charge and the DKV Mobility App, you have access to a Europe-wide charging network that is continuously being expanded with new charging network operators and roaming hubs.

DKV has the perfect solution: Contact us! Our @work and @home solutions offer high flexibility in mobility provision.

The DKV Card +Charge combines all the advantages of a classic fuel card (incl. the products vehicle washing, parking and much more) with the additional option of charging electricity.


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