Charge at home
and settle the bill simply

man charging his ecar outside on wallbox

If employees charge their electric or hybrid company vehicles at home, they can obtain a refund of the electricity costs from their employer – and do so tax-free.

For your employees this means a much reduced financial burden. As an employer, you gain from automated processes, a clear overview of consumption and a saving in administration costs.

This is how it works:

two people

Step 1

You instruct us to manage the house electricity refunding to each of your employees. .

Make an order

Step 2

With the order of the wallbox the IBAN of the respective employee is deposited.


Step 3

We create the driver for you in the eMobility Portal. As soon as you enter the electricity prices (€/kWh gross), the reimbursement process starts.


Step 4

Reimbursement will be made automatically to your employee.

get money

Step 5.1

We will transfer the reimbursement amount to your employees on a monthly basis.


Step 5.2

Your billing summary will show the gross amount of the refund net.

Your benefits

  • Automated invoicing and refund process
  • kWh-accurate recording of the energy quantity and billing with the employees' electricity prices
  • DKV reports the reimbursed amounts transparently and assigned to each card on an account statement as part of the DKV invoice summary


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