Two cargo trains on rails

Combined transport - the optimum transport alternative

This rolling highway is a combined transport system for moving road vehicles by rail. The truck or trailer is placed on a special train for onward transport.

Combined transport by rail is a safer and usually quicker alternative to roads. Driving bans on Sundays and holidays are no longer an issue. During the journey, the driver can rest in attached extra carriages fitted with seats or couchettes, which is officially classed as a rest period.

The environmental factor is also quite significant: the use of combined transport greatly reduces CO₂ emissions.

Your benefits

  • Settle all your transportation services charges with the DKV CARD
  • Quick and easy alternative to road transport
  • Reduced vehicle emissions
  • Duration of the train journey counts as an official rest period for the driver
  • Savings on fuel costs and toll charges
  • Save time with quick customs clearance
  • Sunday and holiday driving bans are not an issue
  • Trucks up to 44 t transported (exception: Alpine transit)
  • Tax advantages or partial refund of vehicle tax
  • A way to circumvent the sectoral truck driving ban in Tyrol, Austria (PDF)

Use the DKV combined transport service in Austria, Slovenia and Hungary

ConnectionsPoint of SaleSpedition
Wörgl - BrennerRola Terminal WörglSpedition Kapeller
 Rola Terminal BrennerSpedition Schenker
Wörgl - TrentoRola Terminal WörglSpedition Kapeller
 Rola Terminal TrentoInterbrennero
Salzburg - TriesteTerminal Bad ReichenhallSpedition Walter Sebert
 Acceptance in Trieste currently not possibleNo card acceptance in Trieste
Wels - MariborTerminal SubenSpedition Walter Sebert
 Adria KombiKontejnerski terminal Maribor
 Terminal Bad ReichenhallSpedition Walter Sebert


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