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Available when you need it, 24h a day, anywhere in Europe:
Security services from LUNADIS.

In case you need cash urgently to keep moving.

There are many circumstances in which your drivers may be prevented from continuing their journeys without cash on the spot, thus bringing your transport business quickly to a standstill. Either in your own country or abroad. And these downtimes can cost valuable time and money.

Cash advance in an emergency is your mobile „rescue service“ whenever cash is urgently needed there and then. One call to DKV ASSIST is all that is needed to have the required amount in cash sent to your driver. Quickly and with the minimum amount of formalities.

For information about the security services, please contact your usual customer advisor, or call
00800 365 24 365

Common circumstances in which truck drivers urgently need cash and can benefit from LUNADIS security services:

  • Fines/traffic tickets/security deposits
    In some countries the authorities do not accept prepaid or credit cards in these circumstances and will prevent your truck from moving any further until the full amount has been paid.
  • Theft or loss of cash
    This is always inconvenient when it means the journey cannot be continued. And it can happen, in spite of the best security precautions.
  • Unintentional refuelling at a station where DKV cards are not accepted
    It is normally too late when you notice at the pump that the fuel station is not part of DKV Mobility‘s large European service network.
  • Repairs at service stations where DKV cards are not accepted
    When your vehicle needs a repair and the garage only accepts cash, it is difficult to know which way to turn.
  • Unforeseen additional costs for overnight stays
    One of your trucks breaks down. It will be repaired overnight and your driver needs cash for this unforeseen situation.

Complete cost transparency –
a cash advance by LUNADIS security services.

Your individualised cash advance for emergencies!

  1. Your desired limit
    You set your individualised limit for a future possible issue of cash for the worst-case scenario.
  2. Limit confirmation
    We guarantee you the cash if your driver wishes to use our security services. Before the cash advance is organised, you must inform DKV ASSIST about the required amount and request approval.
  3. Invoice
    When you make use of the cash advance service, you will receive an invoice from the mobility insurance provider ROLAND Schutzbrief-Versicherung AG through LUNADIS covering the performed security service and detailing all the costs.
  4. Complete cost control
    To cover the costs of making the cash available and organising this Europe-wide service, LUNADIS applies a case-by-case intervention cost flat-rate charge of min. €142.– to max. €292.–, depending on the advanced sum. ROLAND Schutzbrief-Versicherung AG invoices a processing fee of 2.5 % of the advanced sum to cover the simplified processing of the reclaimed sum through LUNADIS.

All the incurred costs for the use of the security services are transparent and fully traceable!

Legal aspects of the security services
The cash advance in an emergency service is provided under the following conditions:

  • Cash advance in an emergency is an additional service provided by LUNADIS. To provide this additional service, LUNADIS has concluded an insurance agreement with ROLAND Schutzbrief-Versicherung AG, Cologne.
  • The insurer grants the cash advance in an emergency as a loan and ensures that the advanced sum is delivered in cash to the recipient at the place of performance. In particular, ROLAND Schutzbrief-Versicherung AG‘s insurance conditions for the cash advance in an emergency and LUNADIS‘s standard Terms and Conditions shall apply.
  • The cash advance in an emergency is a loan from the insurer, which becomes liable for repayment immediately after it is issued.

For further information about the security services, please contact your usual customer advisor, or call 00800 365 24 365 .

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