Charge electricity, make a climate protection contribution
DKV Card Climate +Charge

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DKV Card Climate +Charge

Our green hybrid card.
Charge electricity, make a climate protection contribution

DKV Card Climate +Charge

In addition to Europe's largest independent service station and service network, the DKV Card Climate +Charge also gives you the option of obtaining electricity at around 564,000 publicly accessible charging points.

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Overview of the features:

  • Around 32,000 service stations in more than 50 service countries
  • Refuel at 97% of all service stations in Germany
  • Additionally charge electricity at around 564,000 charging stations
  • Provides an invoice ready for the tax office

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Advantages of the DKV Card Climate +Charge

Fuel and support climate protection projects

For every liter of fuel you fill up, a climate protection contribution is made.

Vehicle charging

You also have electric vehicles in your fleet? No problem, with the DKV Card Climate +Charge you have access to around 509,000 charging points.

Flexible choice of charging location

The best charging infrastructure is always precisely where you need it. We have the solution for your company and your employees: convenient charging at the workplace, at home or en route. Just give us a call!

To make this commitment visible to the outside world, DKV Mobility and myclimate Germany offer a certificate. This certifies that voluntary support has been given to climate protection projects based on the carbon emissions of the fuel consumption (tank-to-wheel).

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