Hydrogen, autogas and natural gas fuel stations all over Europe

fuelling station

We are not limited to the sale of conventional diesel or petrol fuels. We offer other, more environmentally compatible fuels such as hydrogen, autogas and natural gas as well as charging facilities for e-vehicles. AdBlue for the reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is also becoming more important and can, of course, be purchased using the DKV CARD.

Advantages of LNG and CNG

  • Natural gas is more cost-effective than diesel (tax benefits)
  • Refuelling takes no longer than with petrol or diesel
  • Engine noise is reduced
  • Emissions of sulfur dioxide, soot, and other particulates are almost completely avoided
  • Natural gas causes up to 23 percent less CO₂

Advantages of Autogas (LPG):

  • Autogas is much cheaper than conventional diesel or petrol
  • When it combusts, it creates much less pollution than conventional
  • Fuels, which results in lower exhaust emissions


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