Simplify truck tolls
across the whole of Europe
with the DKV Box

trucks driving on street - view from above

DKV Mobility has a tailor-made solution in the form of its toll boxes for automatic collection and settlement of a wide range of tolls and road usage charges in Europe.

Advantages of a toll box

The tolls are collected automatically, with only one toll box. Your customer account contains all your transactions. Payment is made very conveniently through your DKV invoice. Your way will be clear across Europe!

  • Cost savings through discounts, no installation or removal costs
  • Time savings through specially designated lanes at the toll stations
  • National and cross-border billing with your DKV invoice
  • Clearly displayed data for controlling your whole fleet
  • Extra value-added services such as route planning and breakdown assistance
  • An overview of our toll boxes
  • Europe-wide settlement of truck tolls with only one on-board unit

Our toll boxes at a glance


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