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DKV Mobility is with you every step of the way to the exciting world of electromobility. From needs analysis, installation of hardware to easy billing. True to our motto “You drive, we care”.



Step 1

Your facility management team prepares the installation site and lays the cables for your charging posts and wall boxes.


Step 2

While this is going on you can bring your e-vehicles into operation and prepare your employees for the changeover. We provide you with suitable means of communicating the necessary information, such as guidelines and FAQs.

Installation partner

Step 3

With the cables in place, we supply the hardware, and our installation partners install and commission the charging posts and wall boxes.

customer service

Step 4

Using your DKV customer account, you can integrate every vehicle into the fleet management feature and enjoy all the advantages of transparency and efficiency from day one.

Step by step to @home solution


Step 1

DKV contacts the customer to arrange a PreCheck appointment and checks the most cost-effective and technically necessary solution.


Step 2

The employee signs the PreCheck protocol. DKV notifies the fleet management of the result.*

Contact customer service

Step 3

After approval, the installer coordinates the installation date with the employee.

installation software

Step 4

After the installation, the setup takes place in the backend and the employee r can load his vehicle.

home installation

Step 5

If the employer allows the company car to be charged at home, the employee receives a credit to his DKV account.

DKV Card

Step 6

For private loads, the employee can ask his fleet management for the DKV CHARGING CARD PARTNER.

* If preparatory work is required by the customer, this must be carried out on the installation date. If it is determined at the later installation date that these have not been carried out or have not been carried out professionally, DKV reserves the right to refuse the installation and to come to a later installation date as well as to charge the travel costs.

The advantages of our hardware

  • Wall box with a charging point, charging station with two charging points
  • Ingress protection type: IP 55 for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Calibration law-compliant meters record consumption accurately to the kWh
  • Smart meter with measurement of charging performance and energy for efficient charging management
  • Safe technology through the use of residual current circuit breakers, DC-current monitors, miniature circuit breakers
  • Protection against short-circuit and overvoltage

Tailored solutions for your electric vehicles

All DKV electromobility products can be ordered to include servicing. DKV performs an annual charging point check and sends an installer to check the residual current circuit breakers (FI) and proper installation.

From charging infrastructure to planning and design, from advice to installation and electricity products. From the beginning, we provide you with a complete and transparent supply service for your electric vehicles – on the road, at home or at the workplace!

Data sheet for DKV charging solutions


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