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Fuel station finder and route planner for trucks and cars

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Free of charge – plan individual routes* throughout Europe or stay informed of the best diesel prices in the area – Thanks to DKV MAPS route planning and cost savings just never were this easy.

DKV MAPS is a comprehensive online service for easy finding of the nearest DKV Mobility station. Its integrated truck route planner* also contains toll calculator for all Europe.

* Route planner is an extension of DKV MAPS and available free of charge to all DKV Mobility customers after login.

Additional features

  • Easy route customisation by drag & drop (available after login)
  • Fuel station finder with detailed information on the fuel station and display of vehicle service locations
  • A wide range of search filters
  • Toll calculation Europe (estimates)
  • Entry of specific vehicle data (available after login)


How to plan your route

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Step 2

Log in with your customer data (under "Log in")

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Step 3

Select start destination and end destination

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Step 4

Now the ideal route is displayed. You can also add gas stations that you want to visit on your route.

Always keep the overview

All functions are also available in the DKV Mobility App

Of course, all functions of DKV MAPS are also available in the DKV Mobility App: Download the DKV Mobility App free of charge now:

DKV Mobility App iOS (Apple Store)

DKV Mobility App Android (Google Play)


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