The Corporate Credit Card+

DKV Credit Card on mobile device

With LUNADIS Pay, you as an employer simplify the spending processes for your employees and reduce the accounting effort enormously. You retain an overview and control of all cards and expenses, as well as setting limits and saving valuable time.

In addition to the high acceptance by all Mastercard contract partners, we also offer you:

Digital processes

  • Digital card and expense management and automated VAT refund processing.
  • Independent management of your cards (order new cards, set individual limits, etc.)

Liquidity advantage

  • By using the VAT refund
  • Additional liquidity gain from the prefinancing of the VAT refund

Simple accounting & cost saving

  • Each transaction can be assigned to a card and pre-booked for accounting purposes
  • Direct and secure transmission of data to your accounting department

Broad acceptance

  • Can be used with all Mastercard contract partners

Full cost control

  • Individual usage options (by country, day of the week, time of day, industry)
  • Verification of card usage (individual / in created spending groups).

Full transparency

  • All current transactions and withdrawals at a glance and in real time
  • Digital processing of all expenses and bundling in one invoice

And this is how you get your corporate credit card

You apply for your own credit card directly on the LUNADIS site. In addition to the physical credit card, you will also receive a digital version. With this, you can also pay for all expenses via your smartphone with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

To the LUNADIS Homepage

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Digital map management

  • Use and management of physical and virtual cards
  • Overview of cards, accounts and cardholder information
  • Release and activation of cards
  • Transaction overview in real time incl. transaction data (receipts, invoices etc.)
  • Card blocking and cancellation
  • Setup and invitation of the cardholders
  • Report creation
  • Manage restrictions on card usage (card limits, categories, etc.)

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Digital spend management

  • Expenditure overview and details
  • Monitoring and release of expenses
  • Transfer of expense report into your accounting/travel expense management software
  • Digital receipt management
  • Report creation
  • Viewing transactions (in real time)
  • Save digital receipts and expenses
  • Manage card controls
  • Push notifications

Were we able to arouse your interest?

In addition to the physical credit card, you also receive a digital version. All expenses can therefore also be paid via smartphone using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call our LUNADIS Sales Team at +49 2102 5518-888 , send an email or fill out our contact form below:

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